Deejay Johnny Strangler (hey_disco_joe) wrote in shagfrenzy,
Deejay Johnny Strangler

Shag Frenzy + Factory = Match Made In Heaven

It was brilliant last night.  Absolutely fucking brilliant!  If you made it, you are thanked, loved and appreciated.  If you didn't, we have one more scheduled next month and that is it so far.  We need to keep Factory positive about the night.  Please come out if you can in August on the 19th.  Death In Jim will be spinning some tunes with us, and that always spells excitement with a capital E.  Speaking of E, I played so much acid and baggy last night that I really felt like the Factory club was Fac 51 The Hacienda.  Loved up for sure.

Pics are up.  They are here.

Some faves of the evening:

AMY and HEATHER proudly displaying their song request for a track off the new Muse LP.

I've no clue who stripey girl is, but from the rear she looks fabulous.

AMY and my favourite gal SARA dancing to my acid house beats.

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